Assante Wealth Management Financial Advisor Claudia Weisser reflects on our new financial lives moving forward in the COVID-19 era.

In preparation of my latest blog post, it was important for me to consider and speak upon the “NEW” financial landscape or reality that we have all been “thrown” into over the course of the pandemic. As you can imagine, many people, concerned with their personal finances have asked themselves how they should proceed with regards to their wealth management in a COVID-19 context.

Business as usual or change in game plan?

As a Senior Financial Advisor at Assante Capital Management Ltd. in Montreal, I have been hard pressed at times, particularly at the outset of COVID-19, to say that I honestly had all of the answers to all of the many financial questions that I faced by my clients.

The simple truths that governed my financial advising technique remained steadfast, the same, I held to principals that have assured many peoples financial success throughout previous financial hardships. That being to adapt, not act emotionally, assess things carefully and to continue to look for opportunities.

My financial advising service remained open regardless of what COVID-19 threw me. In fact, like many who have been fortunate enough to continue working, we relished in the opportunity to go over and above the regular call of a financial advisor. People deserved good advice in trying times…client or not.

COVID-19 & finance requires a personal touch

My services began taking an even more personal touch than they had prior to COVID-19. Adopting Zoom, Teams and any other communication method our client was comfortable with, my team and I rolled with the COVID-19 punches. We never closed really…we were always available, and still are.

Managing a person’s wealth at a moment when emotions are running high is something Assante Wealth Management and my team take to heart. It is business, yet it is done personally. People do not respond well to difficult, but sound financial advice when they are emotional if the advice is void of personal touch.

So, I reiterate, it is my team’s belief that people deserved good financial advice…client or otherwise, good times or bad.

Many of the trending topics that my team and I face have been focused around universal topics. Health, family and capital preservation have been the underlying trends in the financial conversations we have had with the vast majority of our clients. It stands to reason, without these core family matters looked after, families and the individuals that make up these families suffer.

Claudia Weisser Assante financial advisor Montreal doing what she loves equestrian photo

Assante Wealth Management Financial Advisor Claudia Weisser doing what she loves on her spare time “Don’t stop doing things you love!”

COVID-19 & people’s finances requires excellent listening skills

Listening to our clients is of utmost importance. In many instances, once we are able to hear what our clients have to say about their financial concerns and they in turn are able to understand what our financial advice is, we often quickly begin discussing opportunity.

Opportunities abound in technology and in leading innovations. It is our role to help our clients stay focussed on any financial plan in place. Adjust if and where necessary in the immediate, but ultimately stay the course of the plan.

Being proactive with regards to your personal finances or wealth management have always been difficult for many, especially in trying times. Our financial lives in the COVID-19 era simply reiterate the importance of having a good financial plan in place as soon as possible.

In a world that is being re-shaped, traditional ways of working changed and the same obligations to be responsible fiscally, my team and I do our best to help our clients, or, simply give advice that will help anyone put their best foot forward financially.

As a proud financial advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd., my team and I are able to offer you financial advice on any of the following topics:

• Tax and Estate planning
• General to specific advice on investment strategies
• A multitude of retirement income strategies
• Strategies to handle cash management
• Business succession planning from one generation to the next
• Best practices regarding charitable giving

Assante Wealth Management and all Assante financial advisors go great lengths to properly articulate the many features of each of the above services above, we encourage anyone with any questions to visit our site here.

In closing, the pandemic, COVID-19 and the financial changes it brought on from February to April were the biggest in financial history. We hear daily news of large to local business owners facing the possibility of financial hardship or worse, closing.

With all of that said, when I or my teammates are asked, client or otherwise, what the best course of financial action to take is, we often simply answer…it’s time to talk.

Only through conversation that is honest, can we as financial consultants truly understand your reality, dreams and hardships. Once we have this conversation, that is not always easy, can we then begin to do what we do best, which is helping your preserve capital.

I or any of my team can be reached anytime via our blog, website and or Facebook Messenger.

Feel absolutely free to ask us any financial related question that is on your mind!

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